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strlst.h File Reference

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <avahi-common/cdecl.h>
#include <avahi-common/gccmacro.h>
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struct  AvahiStringList


struct AvahiStringList 


Construction and destruction
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_new (const char *txt,...) AVAHI_GCC_SENTINEL
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_new_from_array (const char **array, int length)
void avahi_string_list_free (AvahiStringList *l)
Adding strings
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_add (AvahiStringList *l, const char *text)
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_add_printf (AvahiStringList *l, const char *format,...) AVAHI_GCC_PRINTF_ATTR23
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_add_arbitrary (AvahiStringList *l, const uint8_t *text, size_t size)
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_add_anonymous (AvahiStringList *l, size_t size)
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_add_many (AvahiStringList *r,...) AVAHI_GCC_SENTINEL
String list operations
char * avahi_string_list_to_string (AvahiStringList *l)
int avahi_string_list_equal (const AvahiStringList *a, const AvahiStringList *b)
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_copy (const AvahiStringList *l)
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_reverse (AvahiStringList *l)
unsigned avahi_string_list_length (const AvahiStringList *l)
Accessing items
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_get_next (AvahiStringList *l)
uint8_t * avahi_string_list_get_text (AvahiStringList *l)
size_t avahi_string_list_get_size (AvahiStringList *l)
DNS-SD TXT pair handling
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_find (AvahiStringList *l, const char *key)
int avahi_string_list_get_pair (AvahiStringList *l, char **key, char **value, size_t *size)
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_add_pair (AvahiStringList *l, const char *key, const char *value)
AvahiStringListavahi_string_list_add_pair_arbitrary (AvahiStringList *l, const char *key, const uint8_t *value, size_t size)

Detailed Description

Implementation of a data type to store lists of strings

Definition in file strlst.h.

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