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Avahi::ServiceResolver Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void Dispose ()
 ServiceResolver (Client client, ServiceInfo service)
 ServiceResolver (Client client, int iface, Protocol proto, string name, string type, string domain, Protocol aproto, LookupFlags flags)
 ServiceResolver (Client client, string name, string type, string domain)


ServiceInfoHandler Found
ServiceInfo Service [get]
EventHandler Timeout


ErrorCodeHandler Failed

Private Member Functions

static void avahi_service_resolver_free (IntPtr handle)
static IntPtr avahi_service_resolver_new (IntPtr client, int iface, Protocol proto, byte[] name, byte[] type, byte[] domain, Protocol aproto, LookupFlags flags, ServiceResolverCallback cb, IntPtr userdata)
static IntPtr avahi_string_list_get_next (IntPtr list)
static int avahi_string_list_get_size (IntPtr list)
static IntPtr avahi_string_list_get_text (IntPtr list)
void OnServiceResolverCallback (IntPtr resolver, int iface, Protocol proto, ResolverEvent revent, IntPtr name, IntPtr type, IntPtr domain, IntPtr host, IntPtr address, UInt16 port, IntPtr txt, LookupResultFlags flags, IntPtr userdata)
void Start ()
void Stop (bool force)

Static Private Member Functions

static LookupFlags GetLookupFlags (LookupResultFlags rflags)

Private Attributes

Protocol aproto
ServiceResolverCallback cb
Client client
ServiceInfo currentInfo
string domain
LookupFlags flags
ArrayList foundListeners = new ArrayList ()
IntPtr handle
int iface
string name
Protocol proto
ArrayList timeoutListeners = new ArrayList ()
string type

Detailed Description

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