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const char* avahi_dns_type_to_string ( uint16_t  type  ) 

Return a textual representation of the specified DNS class. The returned pointer points to a read only internal string.

Definition at line 199 of file rr.c.


    switch (type) {
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_CNAME:
            return "CNAME";
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_A:
            return "A";
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_AAAA:
            return "AAAA";
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_PTR:
            return "PTR";
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_HINFO:
            return "HINFO";
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_TXT:
            return "TXT";
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_SRV:
            return "SRV";
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_ANY:
            return "ANY";
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_SOA:
            return "SOA";
        case AVAHI_DNS_TYPE_NS:
            return "NS";
            return NULL;

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