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const char* avahi_strerror ( int  error  ) 

Return a human readable error string for the specified error code

Definition at line 29 of file error.c.


    const char * const msg[- AVAHI_ERR_MAX] = {
        N_("Operation failed"),
        N_("Bad state"),
        N_("Invalid host name"),
        N_("Invalid domain name"),
        N_("No suitable network protocol available"),
        N_("Invalid DNS TTL"),
        N_("Resource record key is pattern"),
        N_("Local name collision"),
        N_("Invalid record"),

        N_("Invalid service name"),
        N_("Invalid service type"),
        N_("Invalid port number"),
        N_("Invalid record key"),
        N_("Invalid address"),
        N_("Timeout reached"),
        N_("Too many clients"),
        N_("Too many objects"),
        N_("Too many entries"),
        N_("OS Error"),

        N_("Access denied"),
        N_("Invalid operation"),
        N_("An unexpected D-Bus error occured"),
        N_("Daemon connection failed"),
        N_("Memory exhausted"),
        N_("The object passed in was not valid"),
        N_("Daemon not running"),
        N_("Invalid interface index"),
        N_("Invalid protocol specification"),
        N_("Invalid flags"),

        N_("Not found"),
        N_("Invalid configuration"),
        N_("Version mismatch"),
        N_("Invalid service subtype"),
        N_("Invalid packet"),
        N_("Invalid DNS return code"),
        N_("DNS failure: FORMERR"),
        N_("DNS failure: SERVFAIL"),
        N_("DNS failure: NXDOMAIN"),
        N_("DNS failure: NOTIMP"),

        N_("DNS failure: REFUSED"),
        N_("DNS failure: YXDOMAIN"),
        N_("DNS failure: YXRRSET"),
        N_("DNS failure: NXRRSET"),
        N_("DNS failure: NOTAUTH"),
        N_("DNS failure: NOTZONE"),
        N_("Invalid RDATA"),
        N_("Invalid DNS type"),
        N_("Invalid DNS class"),
        N_("Not supported"),

        N_("Not permitted"),
        N_("Invalid argument"),
        N_("Is empty"),
        N_("The requested operation is invalid because redundant")


    if (-error < 0 || -error >= -AVAHI_ERR_MAX)
        return _("Invalid Error Code");

    return _(msg[-error]);

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