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AvahiPoll Struct Reference

#include <watch.h>

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Detailed Description

Defines an abstracted event polling API. This may be used to connect Avahi to other main loops. This is loosely based on Unix poll(2). A consumer will call watch_new() for all file descriptors it wants to listen for events on. In addition he can call timeout_new() to define time based events .

Definition at line 62 of file watch.h.

Public Attributes

void(* timeout_free )(AvahiTimeout *t)
AvahiTimeout *(* timeout_new )(const AvahiPoll *api, const struct timeval *tv, AvahiTimeoutCallback callback, void *userdata)
void(* timeout_update )(AvahiTimeout *, const struct timeval *tv)
void * userdata
void(* watch_free )(AvahiWatch *w)
AvahiWatchEvent(* watch_get_events )(AvahiWatch *w)
AvahiWatch *(* watch_new )(const AvahiPoll *api, int fd, AvahiWatchEvent event, AvahiWatchCallback callback, void *userdata)
void(* watch_update )(AvahiWatch *w, AvahiWatchEvent event)

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