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struct timeval* avahi_elapse_time ( struct timeval *  tv,
unsigned  ms,
unsigned  j 
) [read]

Fill *tv with the current time plus "ms" milliseconds plus an extra jitter of "j" milliseconds. Pass 0 for j if you don't want the jitter

Definition at line 88 of file timeval.c.

References AvahiUsec.


    gettimeofday(tv, NULL);

    if (msec)
        avahi_timeval_add(tv, (AvahiUsec) msec*1000);

    if (jitter) {
        static pthread_mutex_t mutex = PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;
        static int last_rand;
        static time_t timestamp = 0;

        time_t now;
        int r;
        now = time(NULL);

        if (now >= timestamp + 10) {
            timestamp = now;
            last_rand = rand();
        r = last_rand;

        /* We use the same jitter for 10 seconds. That way our
         * time events elapse in bursts which has the advantage that
         * packet data can be aggregated better */
        avahi_timeval_add(tv, (AvahiUsec) (jitter*1000.0*r/(RAND_MAX+1.0)));
    return tv;

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