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AvahiServerConfig Struct Reference

#include <core.h>

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Detailed Description

Stores configuration options for a server instance

Definition at line 45 of file core.h.

Public Attributes

int add_service_cookie
int allow_point_to_point
int check_response_ttl
int disable_publishing
int disallow_other_stacks
char * domain_name
int enable_reflector
int enable_wide_area
char * host_name
unsigned n_wide_area_servers
int publish_a_on_ipv6
int publish_aaaa_on_ipv4
int publish_addresses
int publish_domain
int publish_hinfo
int publish_workstation
int reflect_ipv
int use_iff_running
int use_ipv4
int use_ipv6
AvahiAddress wide_area_servers [AVAHI_WIDE_AREA_SERVERS_MAX]

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