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int avahi_server_set_browse_domains ( AvahiServer s,
AvahiStringList domains 

Set the browsing domains

Definition at line 1753 of file server.c.

References AVAHI_ERR_INVALID_DOMAIN_NAME, AVAHI_OK, avahi_server_set_browse_domains(), AvahiStringList::next, and AvahiStringList::text.

Referenced by avahi_server_set_browse_domains().

    AvahiStringList *l;

    for (l = s->config.browse_domains; l; l = l->next)
        if (!avahi_is_valid_domain_name((char*) l->text))
            return avahi_server_set_errno(s, AVAHI_ERR_INVALID_DOMAIN_NAME);
    s->config.browse_domains = avahi_string_list_copy(domains);

    return AVAHI_OK;

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