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#define AVAHI_DOMAIN_NAME_MAX   1014

The maximum length of a a fully escaped domain name C string. This is calculated like this: RFC1034 mandates maximum length of FQDNs is 255. The maximum label length is 63. To minimize the number of (non-escaped) dots, we comprise our maximum-length domain name of four labels 63 characters plus three inner dots. Escaping the four labels quadruples their length at maximum. An escaped domain name has the therefore the maximum length of 63*4*4+3=1011. A trailing NUL and perhaps two unnecessary dots leading and trailing the string brings us to 1014.

Definition at line 43 of file domain.h.

Referenced by avahi_get_type_from_subtype(), avahi_is_valid_domain_name(), avahi_is_valid_fqdn(), avahi_is_valid_host_name(), avahi_is_valid_service_type_generic(), avahi_is_valid_service_type_strict(), avahi_normalize_name_strdup(), avahi_s_address_resolver_new(), avahi_s_dns_server_browser_new(), avahi_s_domain_browser_new(), avahi_s_service_browser_new(), avahi_s_service_resolver_new(), avahi_s_service_type_browser_new(), avahi_server_add_address(), avahi_server_add_service_subtype(), avahi_server_get_group_of_service(), and avahi_service_name_join().

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